viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

School of Seven Bells - I L U (2010)

There are so many things
I wish I knew how to say
In a way that you'd understand
But I can't
So many times I've tried
Looking into your eyes for a sign
That maybe you feel the same
But you don't
I didn't realize
I'd lost so many nights
Just trying to lose the pain
And I was a fool to think
It would be easier to leave
Than to be left behind

I want you to know that
I Loved You

Watching the day break
And fighting the urge to sleep
'Cause my dreams won't let this die
All I can see and hear
In the dark is you
And it's hard to breathe
'Cause all I feel when I do
Is this aching heart

I want you to know that
I Loved You

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